Request Samples

Request Samples


If you are a PAH researcher interested in obtaining a cohort of patient samples and/or data, this page will provide information on our procedure to request samples from the PAH Biobank. We bank biological specimens, generate genetic data, and collect clinical data.

The biological samples available for request may include: RNA, DNA, EBV lymphocyte cell lines, cDNA, plasma and serum. The genetic data available for request includes SNP genotype data (generated by Illumina’s Omni5 platform), coding sequence data for the following genes: BMPR2, ALK1, ENG, KCNK3, SMAD9, CAV1, and EIF2AK4 and dosage data for the following genes: BMPR2, ALK1 and ENG.

Clinical data includes medical history related to PAH such as PAH subtype, initial symptoms leading to diagnosis, comorbid conditions, PAH medications and concomitant medications.

Request Procedure

Researchers interested in requesting data or samples may first see what is available at the PAH Biobank by requesting temporary access to our secure database through an online form here.

After reviewing available samples, desired samples/data can be requested through our request form. After submitting the request, the PAH Biobank Sample Proposal Review Committee will review the validity of the request before distributing any samples or data. If you already have access to our database, you may log in to view PAH Biobank sample sets available through this link. If you do not have a username and password or are having trouble logging in, please contact the PAH Biobank staff at